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Everybody know that virtually every internet user is using Facebook or twitter these days. Being the number one and number two social networking sites Facebook and twitter share approximately 1.5 billion users between them. Facebook alone has one billion active users. Hence promoting your business on Facebook and twitter does make sense. Most of the business starters face problem in getting enough likes for their Facebook fan pages or twitter followers for their business twitter profile. Search engines like Google have also started rating social media presence as one of the criteria for search engine optimization. Having more fans for Facebook fan pages or more followers for business twitter profile makes it easier to rank high in search engines. Loads of Facebook fans or twitter followers not only help in improving SEO of your websites but also help in getting more traffic to your business by social sharing. As social network presence has become an important part of business marking hence many marketing professionals have started offering expensive social media marketing (SMM) services to promote the businesses. However they often use blackhat techniques to increase social media presence which don't really help the business. You often end up paying huge load of money for SMM services and still end up on the wrong end of it.
Most of the user wonder how to get so many twitter followers and facebook fans for fan pages quickly and totally free?
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